If you are using your phone while driving in Arkansas it will cost you dearly.

Phones are the most important things in our lives. If you leave one at home you will always turn around to go get it. If you don't have your phone on you you feel 'naked'. But did you know that if you are using your phone while you drive, not only is it illegal it can cost you a ton of money?

According to trustedsource.com a first-time offense for using your phone like social media or texting while driving can result in a fine of $250 for the first offense. It could go up to $500 for any additional offenses. In a recent study 1 in 10 Arkansans use social media while they are behind the wheel.

In a recent study, more than 50 percent of these folks are on Facebook while they are driving! ! in 5 people have admitted to taking a selfie while driving. There is a statistic that will make you feel slightly better about Arkansans, South Dakota and Rhode Island are the states where the drivers are the most distracted. Please make sure you are paying attention to the road and not on your phone.

Did you know that 1 in 5 drivers had no idea that using a cell phone while driving is illegal? And let's not even get into the fines if you are on your phone in a school zone. So please make sure you are safe when you drive. Use all of the technology available to you in your car. I can't tell you enough about the great blue tooth and Apple Car Play and Andriod auto options on today's cars. If you do not have those available to you as I did on my 2011 Jeep an aftermarket radio option may be able to get that technology in your car and be relatively cheap.

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