Watch out for these acronyms parents! If your kid is using any of these while texting, beware! Some are worse than others.

According to USA Today, here are the acronyms to watch for when it comes to your kids' texting:

  • CD9: Short for "Code 9," which means parents are around.
  • KPC: Keeping Parents Clueless
  • MOS: Mom Over Shoulder
  • P911: Parent Alert
  • PAL: Parents Are Listening
  • PAW: Parents Are Watching
  • PIR: Parent In Room
  • POS: Parent Over Shoulder

In the following, your child's personal information and safety could very well be at risk:

  • ASL: Age/Sex/Location
  • F2F: Face to Face. Asking for a meeting or video chat
  • LMIRL: Let's Meet In Real Life
  • NAZ: Name/Address/ZIP
  • MOOS: Member of the Opposite Sex
  • MOSS: Member of the Same Sex
  • MORF or RUMORF: Male or Female, or Are Your Male or Female?
  • RU/18: Are You Over 18?
  • WUF: Where You From?
  • WYCM: Will You Call Me?
  • WYRN: What's Your Real Name?

Your kid shouldn't be involved in this:

  • 143, 459 or ILU: I love you
  • 1174: Invited to a wild party
  • 420: Marijuana
  • GNOC: Get Naked On Cam
  • GYPO: Get Your Pants Off
  • AMEZRU: I Am Easy, Are You?
  • IWSN: I Want Sex Now
  • KFY or K4Y: Kiss For You
  • KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
  • NIFOC: Nude In Front Of The Computer
  • RUH: Are You Horny?
  • TDTM: Talk Dirty To Me

Not every acronym is bad:

  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • CWYL: Chat With You Later
  • CYT: See You Tomorrow
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
  • IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
  • L8R: Later
  • LMK: Let Me Know
  • NM: Never Mind
  • ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • SOHF: Sense Of Humor Failure

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