Coming up this Saturday evening the Texarkana Museums System Texarkana Twilight Tours will have very special Twightlite Tour in honor of Texarkana's Sesquicentennial Celebration this year. The special tour will take place at the State Line Cemetery located at 2900 State Line Avenue.

It all takes place this Saturday evening April 8 at 6 PM.

These guided tours are a treat to witness as they have living history actors perform as some of Texarkana's pioneering and most famous citizens.

TMS Curator, Jamie Simmons said in a press release;

“Some of Texarkana’s first residents are buried here. They were the first to buy lots, build business and home, and they made Texarkana what it is today.”



As we celebrate Texarkana's 150th birthday this year we are looking back to the first sale of city lots downtown back on December 8, 1873. State Line Cemetery is where a lot of those first people in Texarkana are buried.

TMS Board President, Velvet Cool said;

One of the best aspects of our cemetery tours is the chance to learn about Texarkana history from personal perspectives. Our history is made up of individual stories that represent many different cultures and beliefs.


Angel guardian sleeping on the grave

The tour will include the Masonic, State Line, Mt. Sinai, and Woodlawn cemeteries. Please be aware that there is no parking in the cemetery for these tours, the parking will be just outside the cemetery. Be sure to get your tickets in advance. Tickets are $15 each or $10 for TMS Members and you can purchase them online at For more information call (903) 793-4831.

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