Guess who's coming through Texarkana this Wednesday? I guess the headline kind of gave it away, the 2022 Freedom Convoy hits Texarkana this week and they need supplies and volunteers all along the route, here's how you can help, cheer them on, or join in:

In case you have been asleep for the last couple of weeks and missed the whole Canadian version of this, the Freedom Convoy is all about a peaceful, non-violent, demonstration by truckers and supporters who want to express their constitutional rights.

Convoy Of Truckers Begins Cross-Country Trip To Protest COVID-19 Mandates
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Important: According to the registration website,;

All registered convoy participants are required to accept the terms & conditions set by the event planners as well as acknowledge a participant code of conduct.

So please be sure you read and understand the rules of conduct before jumping in.

Convoy Of Truckers Begins Cross-Country Trip To Protest COVID-19 Mandates
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The Central Southwest Route will begin in Weatherford, Texas on Tuesday, March 1,  go through Fort Worth, then up to Oklahoma City, I-40 to Little Rock the next morning and should be in Texarkana on Wednesday, March 2. The most recent schedule puts them arriving at Circle J Cowboy Church at approximately 2 PM Wednesday afternoon. They will depart about an hour later headed for Shreveport. So the route through our area is I-30 Westbound from Little Rock to I-49 South, stop at Circle J Cowboy Church for an hour, then on to Shreveport via I-49.

attachment-American Freedom Convoy Central Southeast Route


The question is... where are they now? Follow the link below to Google Maps and you will see the lead trucker's location. Hint: If you don't see her icon immediately when you open the link, zoom out.

Your support is requested on overpasses and all along the route, bring out your American flags, hang a banner or two and show some love to those that make sure we get to eat, feed our families, and get the goods that make our lives incredibly rich in the United States, more than anywhere else in the world. Financially, if you can, they need your help as well, see the website and help where you can.

These truckers are going to need supplies, food, fuel and more to help them make the journey and get to Washington D.C. If you want to help or join the convoy you need to register.

Participation comes in various forms:

  • Convoy Participant - Trucker/CDL Holder
  • Convoy Participant - Non-Trucker
  • Convoy Participant Seeking Financial Assitance
  • Volunteer
Convoy Of Truckers Begins Cross-Country Trip To Protest COVID-19 Mandates
Getty Images

For more details log on to their website today.

Roll-On Freedom!

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