Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced today 152 Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) grants totaling over $54 million have been awarded by the Texas Workforce Commission to public community, state, and technical colleges across the state, including our own Texarkana College. 

These grants will be used to purchase the necessary equipment to establish or expand career and technical education programs that offer Texarkana-area students the opportunity to earn a license, certificate, or post-secondary degree in fields such as nursing, welding, automotive repair, and dentistry.

Texas Governor Abbott Signs ERCOT Reforms Legislation Into Law
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"Texas continues to cultivate a highly-skilled, diverse workforce through major investments in career and technical education training programs for our students," said Governor Abbott. "Through this over $54 million in job training grants, more Texans will have the opportunity to pursue good-paying jobs in high-demand careers across the state. Texas is the land of economic opportunity, and I thank the Texas Workforce Commission for their ongoing efforts to ensure that our students can grow and thrive in our state's booming economy."

Through funding provided by the Texas Legislature and approved by the Governor each biennium, TWC uses JET grants to defray start-up costs of developing career and technical education programs for public community, state and technical colleges, school districts, and open-enrollment charter schools. Equipment funded through JET grants must be used to train students for jobs in high-demand occupations.

Texarkana College - JimWeaver
Texarkana College - JimWeaver

JET grant recipients for public junior colleges, technical institutes, and state colleges  in our area include:

  • Angelina College - $348,843 - The grant will help purchase and install equipment to initially serve 76 students, providing training in the occupation of Electricians.
  • Paris Junior College - $290,470 - The grant will help purchase and install equipment to initially serve 90 students, providing training in the occupation of Maintenance Workers, Machinery.
  • Texarkana College - $305,191 - The grant will help purchase and install equipment to initially serve 80 students, providing training in the occupation of Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers.

To see the full list of Texas colleges and school districts receiving the JET grants, click here.

Congratulations to Texarkana College, to find out more about how this might help new Workforce Students in the near future at TC, call them at 903-823-3456.

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