Black Friday deals are coming now, sneak peeks everywhere you turn, here's a couple that are in big demand every year, Walmart and Best Buy.

Black Friday has changed a lot in recent years, things got really crazy there for a while and dangerous too with people getting violent over deals that could never be found again, except a few weeks later when the stores got in more shipments and thought they weren't going to sell out so they marked the stuff down again.

That all spurred change and then so did the pandemic as well. I'm still shopping on my computer most of the time but I do like going to stores and looking around, there's nothing quite like getting to pick something up, hold it, feel the weight of it, and see the quality, or not.

The Black Friday sales sheets are hitting online so you can plan your shopping spree or maybe even get started early. With transportation being a big issue this year, getting started early is a great idea.

Walmart: Black Friday, November 3:

Nov 3 Black Friday Deals -
Nov 3 Black Friday Deals -

Does that say $87 for a laptop?

attachment-Walmart Black Friday Deals Screenshot 2 -

Getting a new flatscreen TV? How's about something to mount it with? Check out those phone prices.

attachment-Walmart Black Friday Deals Screenshot 3 -

A vacuum that does it by itself for $99? Deal.

Best Buy Black Friday deals are Starting Now:

attachment-Best Buy Black Friday P1 -

Apparently, Best Buy wants you to start shopping now, so they are putting their best prices forward for you today. Everything Black Friday priced is clearly marked in each section you visit.

attachment-Best Buy Black Friday P2 - Cell Phones -
attachment-Best Buy Black Friday P4 - PC Gaming -

Walmart Black Friday - November 10 - November 14

attachment-Walmart Black Friday deals P1 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -
Walmart Black Friday deals P1 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -

How about that tablet for $79!

attachment-Walmart Black Friday deals P2 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -
Walmart Black Friday deals P2 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -
attachment-Walmart Black Friday deals P3 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -
Walmart Black Friday deals P3 Nov 10 - 14 Screenshot -


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