Numbers 1 and 2 both made sense to me personally, but my state, the Great State of Texas came in at number 3 on the list of the Most Sinful States in America. I couldn't believe it. 

Would it shock you to learn that Nevada has the most gambling-addicted per capita in the US? I wouldn't think so. How about California with its whacky lifestyles, drug use, and of course, Hollywood as being one of the Top Sinful States in the country? Nope, no surprise there. What was shocking for me is that my state made not only the top 10 but all the way to number 3.

Texas Flag Hanger - Canva
Texas Flag Hanger - Canva

Why So High Texas? did a study comparing 47 key vices and behaviors that fall into the 7 deadly sins across all 50 states to come up with the statistics below. The lower the ranking, the higher the score for that vise.

Nevada scored in the single digits on 6 of the 7 deadly sins, with Jealousy and Greed both being #1.

California scored #2 on Lust and Vanity, which frankly I was shocked at that, #2 on Vanity? Holywood? C'mon man. While Cali didn't hit a #1 score on anything, when you tally them all up, they earned the #2 overall position.

Texas didn't manage to score a first place for anything other than Lust, but the scores were high enough in each category that we ended up in third place overall.

Just For Giggles

Louisiana came in at #5 overall while being #1 in Excesses and Vices.

Arkansas came in with an overall position of #16, for more information on the Arkansas score, go here.

Since Oklahoma is right there, let's take a peek... #15, right above Arkansas.

Other Interesting Quick Hits

  • New York has the most Beauty Salons
  • Most excessive drinking? Wisconsin (are they bored?)
  • Most thefts per capita? Louisiana
  • Most violent crimes per capita is a 5-way tie... Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Tennessee.
Source: WalletHub

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