In a recent report, a security firm released what they claim are the most dangerous cities in Texas according to the most recent FBI statistics, and Texarkana, Texas was number 2 on the list.

According to the report put together with stats from the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report by the company Home Security Shield, the most dangerous city in Texas is Weslaco, with an average of 11.0 violent crimes per 1000 residents, property crimes of 75.50 per 1000 residents and 86.50 total reported crimes.

Texarkana, Texas at number 2 had 10.58 violent crimes per 1000 residents, property crimes at 67.64 per 1000 people and total reported crimes at 78.22 per 1000 residents. That puts Texarkana's crime rate at about 78 per 1000 people, and placing a person's odds of being a victim of crime in Texarkana at 1 in 13. Keep in mind this study is compiled from violent crimes, property crimes, and total crime reports.

The complete list of "The 20 Most Dangerous Texas Cities"....

  1. Weslaco
  2. Texarkana
  3. Lufkin
  4. Edinburg
  5. San Antonio
  6. Lubbock
  7. Houston
  8. Beaumont
  9. Paris
  10. Corsicana
  11. Galveston
  12. Austin
  13. Longview
  14. San Benito
  15. Hurst
  16. Harlingen
  17. Lancaster
  18. Laredo
  19. Waco
  20. Tyler

Dallas would have been #21 on the list.