Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is warning citizens in our community to be aware of a new phone scam going on in our area. It's sad that this happens but, here is what to be on the lookout for.  

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According to a press release

The caller ID on your phone will show that the call is coming from the Bi-State Center or a local police department when the scammer calls. People have reported that the caller is bilingual and may speak English or Spanish.  But the police warn that the calls can be different but one thing is for sure all the calls end with you paying a fine or citation over the phone.

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For example, one call may say you or someone in your household has an outstanding citation or an outstanding warrant, and there needs to be a fine paid. Whatever the case, their goal is to get you to pay money over the phone.

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The Texarkana Arkansas Police want to remind you, that they do make phones to the public but they never call someone and ask for someone to make a payment of any kind over the phone.

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The Police say if you do get a call and the person says they are with the police or they are calling from the Bi-State Center, please try to get their name and the reason for the call,  Don't call a number that the caller gave you..Instead. find the phone number to the department or agency through the internet or phone book and call them directly to verify the call.

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