The Texarkana Texas Police have made an arrest in a cold case from back in October of 2009.

Back on October 7, 2009, police received a call about a man found lying in the street in the 1600 block of Apple Street with multiple gunshot wounds. His name was Rickey Lee Dorsey Jr, he was transferred to a hospital where he later died, but no arrests were made until now.

TTPD detectives had been working on this cold case and were able to find enough evidence to issue a murder warrant for Charles Madlock. The warrant was issued last August. The great thing is, he was already in jail in Arkansas.


According to the TTPD Facebook page;

Because Madlock was in the custody of the Arkansas Department of Corrections at the time the warrant was issued, the detectives placed a warrant hold on him. Upon completing his sentence with ADC last week, he was immediately extradited back to Texas on this murder warrant.

Madlock also had an outstanding felony warrant for Failing to Appear on a prior arrest for Tampering with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair.


His bond was set at $1 million for the murder charge and then an additional $10,000 for the Failure to Appear. He is currently in the Bi-State Jail on both those charges.

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