The Texarkana Repertory Company presents The Play That Goes Wrong. That's right, that's the title. With a title like that, you know it will be a fun play to see.

TexRep Presents The Hilarious 'The Play That Goes Wrong' This Weekend

This play is described as a little bit of Monthy Python, a little Sherlock Homes and even a little bit of Buster Keaton. Making this a clever and well-timed comedy that should make an evening of fun for everyone.

What is 'The Play That Goes Wrong' About?


The play follows a traveling acting troupe that has nothing but problems all throughout their opening night of a who-done-it thriller.

Basically what can go wrong with the actors and actresses...will. According to TexRep's Facebook page, actresses will accidentally get knocked unconscious, actors will miss their cues, dead bodies don't stay dead and props break.

Where Will This Play be Performed?

It all takes place at the Stilwell Theatre at Texarkana College located at 2500 N. Robison Road in Texarkana, Texas.

What Are The Show Times For 'The Play That Goes Wrong'

Red stage curtain with arch entrance
Gino Santa Maria

This weekend's show times are Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18 at 7:30 PM and on Sunday, February 19 at 2 PM.

You can get your tickets now online at

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