Texarkana Police are looking for two women in separate cases of allegedly stealing money from their employers.

According to TTPD's Facebook page;
Kendra Dowdy worked as an office manager at a local business. She allegedly wrote checks to herself from the company's business accounts. Unfortunately when the company realized what was going on Kendra had stolen over $15,000 from them.
Detective Warren Smith soon had a warrant for her arrest.  Det. Smith was considerate and gave her a few days so she could make arrangements for her kids, but needed to turn herself in by December 20. Well, that day came and went and no sign of Kendra.
In a completely separate case, Kendall Brown was a manager at a local loan company.
A customer noticed that a loan had been taken out in her name. She notified the loan company.
When the company looked into the situation four more loans had been taken out in customers' names without their knowledge. All those loans, which all added to about $7,500, were deposited into a personal account that lead to Kendall. Kendall told Det. Smith that she would turn herself in but she was a no-show too.
TTPD Posted on their Facebook page;
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we're sure that they both completely forgot all about the warrants and their promises to take care of them. Ummmm... OK... Think we all know that's probably not what happened at all. Either way though, we've not forgotten about them.
Do you know where Kendra Dowdy or Kendall Brown is? If you do call at (903) 798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.
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