Can you believe it? Texas, just like other states, still has laws on the books that can get you fined or even jailed for doing some of the dumbest stuff. If you own a horse in Texarkana, you better not do this at night. Keep reading to find out what...

A quick look found some really crazy laws still on the books around the United States, some of them are real head-scratchers... Like the one in Washington State where when two trains come to the same intersection, neither can go until the other has passed.

In Nevada, it is apparently illegal to drive your camel on the highway. Well, that just makes sense really.

Camel on the highway - Canva
Camel on the highway - Canva

Then there's Montana, where it's illegal to have a sheep in the front seat with you if there's no chaperone. I don't even know what to say here.

In Kansas, if you wanted to use mules while duck hunting, forget it pal, not legal.

How about in New Mexico, where idiots are not allowed to vote? So. Much. To say. Must. Move on!

My personal favorite "out-of-state" laws on the books? In Maine, it is illegal to have your Christmas decorations still up past January 14. I see no reason for a law about that, but maybe some folks need a reminder.

Our thanks to Freidwald Law for some of the items on this list.

Wait, What? Outdated Laws In The Great State of Texas

We scoured the interwebs to find some of the silliest laws that are supposedly still on the books in my home State of Texas, and Lordy look what we found:

Would you like to see more? go to Be sure you check out these crazy laws from around the world:

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