Moonlight and Movies continues this Friday night with a great movie to watch on the lawn of the historic Ace of Clubs House. This Friday evening July 7, 2017 starting at 7:30PM to 10:30PM it’s the classic 'Intimation of Life.' 

This is such a fun movie to watch as it gets a little over dramatic at times but it also hits on some big racial issues as well. Lana Turner stars as a hard working actress, Lora Meredith, that makes the big time. She is a widowed mother trying to raise a daughter played by Sandra Dee. When I say it gets a little over dramatic I'm talking about how Lana gets pulled away from personal relationship because a director calls her and she must go a broad and film yet another film because she's a 'Star'.

The racial issues are actually quite surprising to me for a film from 1959. Lana befriends a black woman played by Juanita Moore as Annie Johnsonan, who is also single and raising a her daughter named Sara Jane. They all decide to live together so Annie can watch the kids while Lora works her way up on the Broadway stage.  Sara Jane played by Karin Dicker takes after her father and has lighter skin. As Wikipedia explains: Sara Jane

is struggling with her African-American identity and wants to pass for white because of its privileges in American society in the pre-civil rights era.

It's a wonderful movie and heartbreaking too as you see what a mother (Annie in this case) will do and sacrifice for her daughter. You might want to bring tissue!

Remember to bring your lawn chair or a blanket and you can also bring your own adult beverages too.

According to their Facebook Events page, there will be outdoor fans to keep you cool. There will also be water, sodas, popcorn and snacks available for purchase at the concession area.

Texarkana Museum System Members are free all others will be charged just $3.

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