Interstate 30 Eastbound is shut down this morning after a multi-vehicle accident which included a fire in Texarkana Texas.

Texarkana Texas Police say to avoid the area of Interstate 30 coming into Texarkana from Western Bowie County. The accident apparently involved 2 semi-trucks and a pickup near a construction zone just east of the Kings Highway Overpass.

The pickup and at least one of the semi-trailers was fully engulfed in flames before the fire was put out by Texarkana Firefighters. Police say the driver of the pickup was taken to a local hospital with what was believed to actually be minor injuries.

Traffic being diverted off of Eastbound Interstate 30 at the Nash exit, but authorities say the best advice is to avoid Interstate 30 heading into Texarkana for at least the next several hours while that situation is cleared up. Obviously Kings Highway and Highway 82 is getting backed up as well from all the detoured traffic from the accident.

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