We want to know, where the worst roads are in Texarkana? 

From what most people tell me, the roads around Arkansas High need a lot of work as well as the College Hill area. I travel down Jefferson often and the end by the high school is in big need of repair. The 50th street area from Jefferson all the way to UPS is beyond bad. It is full of potholes and some area doesn't even look like there is any asphalt left on the road at all.

Did you know that the state of Arkansas finished 44 out of a total of 50 states in terms of the status of their roads? Now hold on that is actually a good statistic. The website stacker has a complete list of all 50 states and the number of complaints they receive from potholes on the roads.

So Arkansas only has one pothole complaint per stretch of 621.3 miles, whereas Texas has 5 pothole complaints every 621.3 miles or 1000 kilometers. Who has the worst roads in the United States? Well, that honor goes to Rhode Island with 23.4 pothole complaints per 1000 kilometers.

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January 2022 summary report from national transportation research nonprofit TRIP found that 40% of U.S. roadways—encompassing highways, arterials, and local roads—are in poor or mediocre condition, and the result of this is an average cost to the single driver of $621 per year for vehicle repair and maintenance.


So do you know any roads that are in dire need of repair in Texarkana? Let us know in the comments.

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