In a way too early look at what the forecast may hold for the upcoming Winter Season of 2018-2019, one thing that may hold true is a wetter than normal Winter.

That's according to NOAA forecast of the development of a possible El Nino later this year into next Spring. Typically the weather phenomenon causes warmer than normal water temperatures in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. This usually leads to a more active storm track across the Southern United States, which would give our area a wetter than normal Winter.

Temperatures during the El Nino seasons can go either way, but more cloud cover can lead to lower than normal temperatures. This could mean plenty of rain, and possibly some ice and snow for our area.

Of course a lot of factors can go into whether you get a significant ice or snow storm or two during the Winter. So, even if a season turns out warmer than normal it only takes one storm system with the right ingredients to give you a memorable Winter Storm.

Here is the current Winter Outlook for December, January and February for NOAA.

Keep in mind, December is still almost 3 1/2 months away and February 5 1/2 so this can change plenty. But for those who are tired of the Summer heat and humidity, you can dream.

Myself, I'm just looking forward to beautiful Fall weather. Too early to get serious about Winter, but we will revisit the seasonal forecast closer to the first of December.

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