Have you ever spotted Bigfoot? Have you ever wondered what your chances are in seeing a sasquatch? Seeing is believing right? 

Looking at a breakdown of Bigfoot sightings by state you might be surprised at how many sightings there have been over the years. The big winner is Washington state with the most sightings at 676. But, there have been sightings in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. We crunched some numbers after looking at the data on a report at satelliteinternet.com

Texans' Chance of Spotting Bigfoot

Warning Bigfoot Area Stay on Marked Trails Sign on Tree

First of all your chances are better to see a bigfoot in a more rural area. A Bigfoot doesn't go for crowds and big city lights. When talking about seeing a Bigfoot Texas looks like it's a pretty good place for a sighting with 246. But with Texas population of almost 29 million the chances of really seeing bigfoot comes out to 0.0001%.

       Oklahoma's Chance of Seeing Bigfoot

Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media
Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media

Oklahoma has a better chance than Texas in seeing Bigfoot. Total sightings are lower than in Texas but the population is lower too. Total sightings 104. With a state population of almost 4 million your chance at seeing Bigfoot go up to 0.0026%

Arkansans' Chance of Seeing Bigfoot?

Lisa Lindsey Townsquare Media, Canva
Lisa Lindsey Townsquare Media, Canva

In Arkansas, you have a better chance at seeing Bigfoot than in Texas or Oklahoma. Arkansas has had a total of 108 sightings but Arkansas's population is less than both Texas and Oklahoma at just over 3 million. Your chance at seeing Bigfoot is 0.0036%

If You See him, Don't Crowd Him

 If you do run into him, remember don't crowd him after all he might just be enjoying a day out with his family.

Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Meida
Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media

Are you wondering what the chances of seeing Bigfoot in Washington state?  It's 0.0089% so really not that much bigger of a chance on finding your Bigfoot.

Of course, your best chance to Bigfoot is to head out to a Bigfoot Festival. There's on in Fouke, Arkansas, Jefferson, Texas and my favorite one is in Honobia, Oklahoma.

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