Congratulations to the 2020 Liberty-Eylau ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year, Ms. Krichia Tennyson.

Krichia has taught science at Liberty-Eylau High School since 2015 and has 13 years of overall classroom experience. She currently teaches physics, forensics, engineering, earth and space science.

Ms. Tennyson grew up with parents who worked for schools which means she has been in and around classrooms most of her life. Her father was the head of the school’s maintenance department and her mother worked in the cafeteria and custodial department.

“I would help teachers grade papers, organize their rooms and even set up science labs for the next day,” she said.

She attended the University of Arkansas-Monticello on an academic scholarship majoring in biology with initial plans to become a physician. However, she didn’t feel like that was her ultimate path.

“I had been accepted into the University of Arkansas Medical School, but I always felt like that was someone else’s wish for me and not what I really wanted,” she said. “I discussed it with an advisor and he suggested teaching.”

Her teaching experience has given her the opportunity to meet kids where they are and help them succeed.

“I have worked with students who required me to think differently about how I teach and how they can learn best,” she said. “Seeing students do well and gain a love for learning is the most rewarding thing I can think of."

This is the 28th year that Texarkana Rotary Clubs have distributed Teacher of the Year plaques and certificates. Congratulations to all.

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