Texarkana Texas Police, along with help from a Texarkana Arkansas K-Nine unit have made a big drug haul.

According to authorities, Officers Austin Butts and Jerrika Weaver arrested 30  Francisco Gutierrez, 30, of Anthony New Mexico after they discovered over 175 pounds of marijuana hidden in a diesel fuel tank in the bed of his truck.

Officer Butts stopped Gutierrez for a traffic violation last Friday night. Gutierrez told him that he was in Texarkana to buy a $50,000 welder but he didn't have any money or identification with him. The more that they talked to him, the less his story made sense.

They soon became suspicious that he had illegal drugs in the vehicle, so they asked a Texarkana Arkansas Police K-Nine officer to assist them. As the handler walked the dog around the truck several times, he repeatedly indicated that he smelled drugs toward the back of the vehicle. They then opened the cap on the fuel tank in the bed of the truck and could see the packages inside. They placed Gutierrez under arrest and transported him to the Bi-State Jail.

The officers later found a trap door in the bottom of the toolbox that accessed the fuel tank, They then removed 166 vacuum sealed bricks of marijuana.

Gutierrez was charged with Possession of Marijuana (greater than 50 pounds). His bond was set at $10,000 and he remains in custody at this point.


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