A few months ago we found out that the Texarkana Independent School District Board was looking at purchasing the old Pine Street School campus. 

Well, it happened. According to a press release;

The Board approved an agreement to purchase the former Pine Street Junior High School property for $585,000. The property is being purchased from Old School Lofts and Dallas-based developer/property owner John Stone through eminent domain.


What Are The Next Steps?


As was stated a few months ago. The property will need to be evaluated to see if any of it can be saved. That would be nice for historic reasons, but if it's not possible I'm sure that the school district will make good use of the area in the future.

At the time,  Keith Lee, Texarkana, Texas Chief Building Official had said there were large holes and substantial damage to the buildings and they were not considered to be safe.

   We Got a Creep Look Inside The Buildings

Back in March, we looked inside some of the Pine Street School buildings and it was creepy! You can check out The Creepy Look Inside Pine Street Middle School HERE.   

What would you like to see happen? Would you like to see it restored or torn down?

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