This year is Texarkana's Sesquicentennial and here is a fun way to celebrate and see a  classic movie that is about one of Texarkana's founding fathers. And you can see it for free.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, June 15 you can catch the movie Papa's Delicate Condition, starring Jackie Gleason at Movies in The Park at Spring Lake Park.

people watching movie in open air cinema in city park

Texarkana's connection to this film is based on a book written by silent film actress Corrine Griffth whose grandfather was Texarkana's first mayor A.L. Ghio. Griffith's book is her recollection of coming to Texarkana when she was a child and her relationship with her grandfather. Another interesting thing about seeing this movie in Spring Lake Park is that Mayor Ghio donated that land to the city because he thought a town should always have a beautiful park. You can read more about Corrine Griffith and the huge connection this movie has to our town here. 

Arkadiusz Wargu?a
Arkadiusz Wargu?a

Papa's Delicate Condition will be shown this Thursday night across from the airplane in the park at dusk.

Be sure to come early and bring your lawn chairs and blankets. There will be a concession stand with snacks available for purchase but you are also welcome to bring your own snacks.  there will also be facing painting for the kids before the movie.

check out the movie trailer below of Papa's Delicate Condition


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