There has been a lot of rain today. The Dallas Fort Worth area was experiencing flooded areas earlier today and even rescues with motorists stranded in flooding areas.

The Texarkana area is under a Flash Flood Watch today (August 22) tonight and all day tomorrow (Tuesday, August 23). Right now might be a great time to go over some things to know and pay attention to if we start seeing some flooding on roads in town.

Road Closed sign due to high water in front of water crossing over the road

First of all, if you come across a road that you can not see because it's covered with water, the road might literally not be there. Remember to “Turn Around - Don’t Drown." It's that simple.

If you see roadblocks, do not drive around them. They are there for a reason. Don't even chance it. When there is Flash Flooding things can go wrong very very quickly.


Did you know that more deaths happen due to flooding than any other weather-related deaths? Why is this? According to NOAA's Flash Flood Safety Rules:


The main reason is people underestimate the force and power of water. More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Of these, many are preventable.


Seriously don't even chance it. Back up and turn down. Take a different route, your life is worth it.

Do you want to see just how fast a car can be swept away? Watch the video below.

You can find more on flood safety at the National Weather Service website.

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