Black Friday is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It is also a day where traditionally we can get the best deals on a lot of things. Did you notice I said a "lot of things" instead of "everything"? But that's okay because we found a little inside scoop that tells us the retailers in Arkansas and Texas that have the best deals on different categories of products.


Stores are expecting more people will be phyically out shopping this year on Black Friday than last year. But a lot of retailers are offering great deals online again and also before Black Friday. Yes, right now. These lists will help you nail down where to go either in person or online for the best discounts on a few popular gift categories.


According to for Black Friday 2021

Overall the places to shop for the biggest Average % Discount

  • Macy's at 58.5%
  • J. C. Penney  at 57.6%
  • Belk 56.7%
  • Kohl's 49.3%
  • Office Depot/ Office Max 4.8%
  • Walmart 31.6%
  • Big Lots 29.2%
  • Amazon 27.5%
  • Academy Sports + Outdoors 26.3%

If You're Looking For Clothing Apparel & Accessories Then Check Out These Stores For The Biggest Savings

Beautiful woman shopping lingerie and underware

JC Penney 58.89%

Belk 58.69%

Macy's 47.43%

Kohl's 44.69%

Nordstrom 43.97%

Savings on Computers And Phones? Here Are The Top Stores

Photo by Trinity Nguyen on Unsplash
Photo by Trinity Nguyen on Unsplash

Macy's 53.50%

Belk 43.80%

Walmart 41.75%

Lenovo 40.77%

Kohl's   37.63%

Shopping for Toys? Check These Places Out For The Biggest Discounts

Toys collection isolated on background

Macy's 56.58%

JCPenney 54.66%

Belk 48.75%

black friday sale sign

You can find the entire list of Black Friday shopping discounts here.

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