There will be some street closures associated with an economic event involving political leaders in Texarkana.

On Tuesday September the 4th at 3:00 pm the Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, and Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, will attend the REDI (economic development) announcement at the Federal Court House, located in downtown in Texarkana.

The event is expected to draw a large crowd and create traffic delays. Due to security being tightened, the areas around the Federal Courthouse will be shut down on Monday September 3rd at 8 pm. North State Line Avenue will be shut down from 7th Street to 4th Street and all streets in a one block radius east and west will be barricaded off and no vehicle traffic will be allowed inside this area until after the event has concluded on Tuesday at approximately 430pm.

At Noon on Tuesday, East 5th Street from Beech Street to North State Line will be shut down as well to accommodate the local high school bands participating in the announcement. The closure of East 5th Street will cause some detours. If your traveling to the event, please be aware of barricades and expect traffic in the area to be slow and congested.

Attendees are encouraged to not park vehicles in areas blocking streets or in areas not designed for parking. Parking in the areas away from the event may require a small walk, so plan appropriately  Attendees are encouraged to use larger parking lots nearby.

Authorities say there will be hydration stations set up by Texarkana Emergency Center, Dr. Matt Young and staff. One station will be set up at 5th and Olive and the 2nd station will be near the entrance to the Arrow Bar located at East 5th and Wood Street.

In the event of rain, the event will be moved to the 1st floor lobby of the Bi-State Justice Center.

Please be aware of barricades and follow instructions of law enforcement officers in the area for easier and safer travels. Citizens that need access to the Federal Courthouse or Post office will still be able to access the building but will be required to park and walk about a block. Citizens are encouraged to use the parking lot next to the old St. Michael’s Hospital building for access to the building by foot.

Police say if you see any suspicious persons or activity, call the police promptly.  Anyone with information of any crime is strongly urged to contact the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department at 903-798-3154 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

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