Can You Believe The Christmas Ice Storm In Texarkana Happened 21 Years Ago?

I stumbled across this video of the beginning of the ice storm way back in December of 2000. We were at the radio station preparing for the ice storm. The company that owned us at the time, Clear Channel had just installed generators at three of the stations in early 2000 and at the main studios over fears of the dreaded Y2K scare and it came and went with no issues. But little did we know that just a few months later this ice storm would cause so much havoc and put these generators to work.

The video from Cheryl Fyock shows how much ice was already affecting her trees. Here is what she had to say about the video.

This is home movies from the ice storm that started Christmas day. It was a terrible night as limbs and trees fell all night. All of the area was in the dark. It sounded like gun shots when the limbs would snap and fall. We ended up with a limb sticking out of the roof.

So the thing that really gets me is the sound of the trees popping as they break from the layer of ice that is on them. In the video, you can also see a large amount of ice on the power lines that would literally shut the city down for days.

Fortunately for us, we had power at the station so I along with several employees slept at the studios until power was restored at my apartment. I can remember days of us on the air just helping folks find the bare necessities like who had any firewood so that people could build a fire in their fireplace to keep warm to diesel for generators we did our best o keep everyone informed of where they could find what they so desperately needed during the storm.

Just like the lady in the video tells the young boy this is probably the worst storm of his lifetime. I know the "Snowpocalypse" had some of the coldest temperatures we have ever had in Texarkana but fortunately for us, there was little ice and we were lucky to keep our power on during that winter storm.

Will we have snow or ice this Christmas? You can see the story with all of the details that Lisa wrote.

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