There is a new law in Arkansas that will go into effect on Thursday that will allow more freedom for gun owners.

Arkansas act 1024 states the following:

With licenses, people may carry concealed handguns at public universities, public colleges, or community colleges. They may also carry them in publicly owned and maintained parking lots within their cars, may leave them in their locked vehicles in such parking lots or carry them in the parking lot of a private employer.

Did you know that 58 percent of people in Arkansas own a gun? It is in second place behind Alaska in terms of gun ownership. Now, this number includes all guns. not just handguns so it makes sense that Alaska is in first place.

The female hand pulls out a gun from the glove box in the car

Arkansas also has acts 638 and 693 that allow you to carry your firearms at city parks, and sports fields as well. Act 809 removes some restrictions on employees that bring their guns to work will not be required to keep their guns locked up while at work.

handgun in tux pocket

Now the next question you may have is how do I get my concealed carry permit? Here are six questions you must answer to be qualified to get a concealed carry permit in Arkansas.

1. You must certify that you are of legal age to hold a permit from the state of Arkansas.

2. You must certify that you have not been deemed mentally insane by a court of law.

3. You cannot have a restraining or protective order against you.

4. You have not been convicted of a felony.

5. You do not use or distribute illegal drugs.

6. You have not been dishonorably discharged are any of the armed forces.

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