I think I found my dream house and it happens to be the biggest house in the entire state of Arkansas. This stunning house is located on 20 acres and you could literally get lost in it.

According to Angi.com, this is the largest house in Arkansas and it's owned by Kenny King. This mansion features everything you would ever need. So I don't think you would ever want to leave I know I wouldn't. The house features a beautiful 800-foot driveway that is lined with beautiful trees all the way up to this Medditrainean-inspired estate. How big is this house? It's a whopping 18,367 square feet and it's located in Fort Smith.

Beautiful Staircase and Amazing Windows for a Fantastic View

Once you enter the house you'll see a beautiful marble double staircase fit for a princess to walk down to the ball. The formal living area has specially made curved windows. According to the video, only three companies in the US make them and one of them is just outside of Fort Smith in Greenwood, Arkansas. The house has two fireplaces that were imported from Italy. One is in this formal living area and the other one is located in the Master Suite.

Five Bedrooms and Nine Bathrooms

There are five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.  The Master Suite has french doors that lead to the infinity pool in the backyard.

The kids' room is decorated like a jungle or safari painted with exotic animals and there is a custom-made tree house. It's made out of a real redwood tree from California.

Movie Theater, Poker Room and a Vegas Room

There is also a movie theater, a Poker Room and a Vegas Room with a blackjack table another poker table and a pool table too.

This mansion was up for sale a couple of years ago on Realtor.com. Also be sure to check out the video below too, where you'll see the barn that looks nicer than most houses. and other cool features of this amazing house.

See the video then check out the Gorgeous photos in the Gallery below.


This Stunning Mansion is the Largest House in Arkansas

Photos of the Largest House in Arkansas

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