At United Way of Greater Texarkana, they believe everyone in our community has something to offer: one good deed, a helping hand on a task, or a much-needed donation. No matter the case, we each have a responsibility to come together and solve issues that require collective community focus and action.

With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, accountability, and transparency, United Way of Greater Texarkana strives to unite our community through initiatives and investments that focus on the three main building blocks of a good life: education, income, and health.

Because every person in our community deserves a quality education, access to job training and services, healthcare coverage, and to have their basic needs met during tough times. But United Way of Greater Texarkana can't do all of this alone.

Take action with United Way of Greater Texarkana today.

By donating to United Way of Greater Texarkana, your can rest assured that your generous gift will be used to benefit and improve the lives of people in the Greater Texarkana area who need it most.

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