Did you know that this little Texarkana Sports Bar is rated the best in the entire state of Arkansas?

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend I asked on our Facebook page the best place to go watch the big game. Will you be at home watching the game or out on the town? Then the next question is where would be the best place to watch the Super Bowl?

I found an article from Mashed.com that says that the best sports bar in the entire state of Arkansas is right here in Texarkana. Fat Jack's Oyster and Sports Bar has been a staple of the Texarkana area since 1985 and although it has burned down two times it has always come back stronger than ever.

The late Jack Mills was someone that everyone knew. From a background of being a football star in college and even playing pro football in Texarkana, Jack was a big personality that everyone adored. Every time you stepped into the bar he greeted you with a big smile and you always felt like you were family.

Fat Jack's started out with just burgers and longnecks but the menu quickly expanded from there. From great oysters to the awesome  Cajun-style food like the crawfish bread of the seafood crepes to the great steaks you will find something on the menu for everyone.

Fat Jack's also features some great music on the weekends and this weekend they will have the following bands playing for you to go check out.

Alex and Live will be there on Thursday night.

On Friday night you can listen to the duo of Heather Linn and Jase Bryant

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