This may be a strange study but it's very interesting, very. First of all Texas..shame on you! How could the state of Texas top this list?  Texas not only has the number one most unfaithful city in the country, but it also has the second and third most unfaithful cities.

There were a lot of towns involved in this study. Two hundred to be exact. You would think that Las Vegas would be way up at the top but it's ranked #64. Oh silly me, that's right 'What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas'...right? At least that's what the ads always say.

So, How Did They Come Up With This Information Anyway?

census document form and ball point ink pen on American flag for 2020
loading... actually looked at some stats from the last Census. They looked at the number of marriages, divorces and separations. Then they looked at "life satisfaction" like the work environment and the community.

And They Looked At This...

Ridofranz,fizkes, Canva
Ridofranz,fizkes, Canva

But then there were two other factors they looked at, the number of venues, bars and hotels to meet up for an affair. Even more importantly, the amount of Google searches where people were looking for some type of 'affair hookup website'.

Size Doesn't Matter

Image of Chicago Water Tower and Michigan Avenue during twilight blue hour.

The interesting thing is the size of a city didn't really matter, proving the fact that cheaters are everywhere. But Texas? Dang, I really hate to see this.

 Let's Look at the Top Ten Most Unfaithful Cities in The USA

10. Washington D.C.

Well, this is kind of a no-brainer since there are a lot of politicians there.

9.  Atlanta Georgia

8. Knoxville, Tennessee

This one is a bit of a shocker because this really isn't considered a big city.

Jealous woman spying her husband mobile phone

7. New York, New York

Still not that big of a surprise.

6.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Couple kissing

5. Nashville, Tennessee

4. St. Louis, Missouri

And Now For The Top Three Most Unfaithful Cities in the USA




3.  Houston, Texas

2. Fort Worth, Texas 

Wow, now this is a big shocker. Not Cowtown!

And the Number #1 Most Unfaithful City in the Country is...


man cheating on her girlfriend at the park


1. Dallas, Texas

Seriously? That's where I grew up! How did this happen? Even though the happiness factor and the number of marriages and divorces are pretty close to the others in the top ten, it was the google searches for an affair meet-up that ended up tipping the scale.

You can see the interactive map below.

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