The Ark-La-Tex is pretty blessed when it comes to live music, both with bands that live and work here and others that come drifting through every now and again. It's the middle of January, let's check out who is playing where this Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21.

FRIDAY - January 20

Whiskey River Country

Clay Logan Band
310 E 49TH ST


Dueling Pianos
324 East Broad Street Texarkana, AR

Redbone Magic Brewing -

Brody McKinney
1304 Texas Blvd
903) 306-0822

Twisted Fork

Alex & Liv
5522 Summerhill Rd

Fat Jacks Oyster and Sports Bar

TJ McAlexander
3324 N State Line Ave

1923 Banana Club

Cedric Watson
223 Front St. - Facebook Page

67 Landing


8400 W 7th St

SATURDAY - January 21

Fat Jacks Oyster and Sports Bar

Honey - CD Release Party - aka Heather Lynn & Deacons
3324 N State Line Ave

Whiskey River Country

Living Proof Band
310 E 49TH ST

1923 Banana Club

Selena + Split Decision
223 Front St. - Facebook Page

Hopkins Icehouse

Brain Panic 
301 East 3rd St. - Facebook Page

The Arrow Bar - Saturday 1/7

110 E 36th St  - Facebook Page

If you know about other bands playing in and around the Texarkana area, please let us know so we can add them to the list.

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