It's pretty low when someone steals from another but it's even lower when they steal from the elderly. The Texarkana Texas Police are looking for Amanda Hughes.

There is a felony warrant out for her arrest for Theft of Property which is over $2,500 and it involves an elderly victim and the victim was a relative.

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According to the TTPD's Facebook page, Amanda used the credit card of 71-year-old relative. She claiming she would use it for her two young children so they could eat and also get them some clothes. Texarkana police say that Amanda took advantage of the situation and used the card to made unauthorized ATM withdrawals.
Detective Warren Smith has been working on the case and confirmed that Amanda did make twelve withdrawals with the credit card over the past few months. The withdrawals totaled close to $4,500. Now, police are looking for her as they have made contact by phone with her but she has yet to turn herself into the police.  Police need your help in locating her. Posting on Facebook as only our police department can so eloquently;
We've made a reservation on Amanda Hughes' behalf for accommodations in the luxurious Bi-State Jail and look forward to her being able to take advantage of them.
Let's give her that chance sooner rather than later, shall we?
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If you see her or know her location please call at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.
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