There is road construction beginning on Monday on Moores Lane in Texarkana that will make traveling in that area difficult.

The Texas Department of Transportation says that the construction on Moores Lane will begin on Monday, July 19th, and is scheduled for completion by August 5th or when construction is completed. This work will take place between Richmond and Summerhill roads. The construction will cause the road to be closed to just one lane with workers directing motorists.

This work is scheduled to take place between 7 am until 8 pm from Monday through Thursday. Motorists are strongly encouraged to use alternate routes to avoid traffic delays. Please keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change because of the weather.

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As you can see this construction will be a big deal for people that live in the Pleasant Grove Area. Since the construction runs in an east to west direction people south of Moores Lane will need to use side streets to be able to navigate around town. Cowhorn Creek road will be a big help in navigating around the road construction. People in the area north of the construction zone will have better options for going around the construction zone.

If you have any questions about the Moores Lane construction work can call the TXDOT Texarkana area office at 903-838-8574 for more information


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