The Texarkana Texas Police Department has issued a warning to citizens about a possible tainted patch of synthetic marijuana. There have been 2 deaths and at least seven overdoses in Texarkana in just the past few days.

The TTPD stated on its Facebook page:
There have been at least seven overdoses from synthetic marijuana (K2) - including two deaths - in the Texarkana area in the last few days.  We're working hard to figure out where this tainted batch came from before someone else dies.
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What is Synthetic Marijuana?

According to;
Synthetic marijuana is also known as Spice. It is actually a mixture of herbs, spices or parts of a shredded plant. Then it is usually sprayed with synthetic compounds known as cannabinoids that have a similar effect to THC and are labeled as safe but they are more than likely to be much more powerful with severe and unpredictable effects on the brain and body.

Do You Have Any Information?

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If you have any information about this that would be helpful to the TTPD please call them at (903) 798-3116.
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