A local couple is helping out students of a couple of programs at Texarkana College.

The Texarkana College Foundation will receive a $5,000 donation to establish an Emergency Grant Program for students enrolled in Texarkana College’s nursing and workforce training programs. The fund is made possible by the generous support of Joey and Jamie Martin.

"We are pleased to provide more resources to Texarkana College that are dedicated to supporting students in times of greatest need," said Joey Martin. "Emergency grants are a bridge to college completion and the financial security a degree can provide."

The fund will help low-income students with financial emergencies that often cause them to drop out of college or fall way behind due to transportation problems or health issues. Brandon Washington, Dean of Workforce and Continuing Education, said access to the emergency fund will help TC students cover expenses just beyond their means and will allow them to better focus on successful course completion.

"Texarkana College and the Foundation fully realize our students have personal and financial issues that may keep them from completing their degree or even the current semester," said Washington. "Our students experience job loss, health issues, transportation problems, homelessness and hunger. A $300 car repair could be the breaking point that causes a student to drop out of college or be unable to get to work and pay their bills.”



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