I saw a story that got my attention schools in Missouri are bringing back spanking. So the question is should they bring back spanking in Arkansas Schools?

This story made national news when a school in Missouri is bringing back spanking. ABC News had this to say about the controversy:

A school district in southwestern Missouri decided to bring back spanking as a form of discipline for students — if their parents agree — despite warnings from many public health experts that the practice is detrimental to students.

So the policy at this school is that the student will only be spanked if other forms of punishment do not work and only if the parents and the superintendent are ok with the punishment.

Now I know what you are thinking, most of us old-school folks got spankings in school and we turned out fine. I hate to admit it by my 6th-grade year in school I got paddled a lot. Like one incident with my teacher, Mrs.McKinney gave me 5 "licks" getting spanked five times with her paddle. After taking that, I then smiled at her without much remorse. She then sent me to the principal where I got 5 more "licks". After some tense meetings with school officials, I was enrolled in some martial arts and got my act together.

I feel like it is up to the parent, I know that for me the corporal punishment route was necessary for discipline. When it comes to my kids they each had different responses to a little swat on the rear.

But the question is, should schools in Arkansas and Texas bring back spanking? Here is the current policy in Arkansas from Findlaw:

Under the state's School Discipline Act, teachers and administrators may use corporal punishment on students if their district authorizes it. No other statutory guidance is provided.


Here is the policy in Texas according to the National Library Of Medicine site:

The Texas code thus allows school personnel to hit children with objects (“paddling”) and to use “any other physical force” to control children, as long as it is in the name of discipline.

So would you be ok with your kind getting spankings at school?

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