The Super Bowl is Sunday, February 1. Are you planning to have a party for the big game? If so, you need to do some prep work to get the right stuff or be faced with a lot of sad faces and the rumor mill will fire up and your will be name associated with "lame."

You want the right atmosphere and the best food. Seating is important, too.

TV Guide Entertaining expert Colin Cowie outlines the game plan for a winning party:

  • A big event TV -- "Set the TV up in the living room or den with seating in a U-shape around it," says Cowie.
  • Buck of beverages -- Free up fridge space by "filling a tub with beers and soft drinks," says Cowie. A metal wash tub works great and it will also work well at backyard barbecues this summer.
  • Fun party favors -- Create your own sidelines action with themed trinkets. "People like to get silly," Cowie says. "They can create their own halftime show with fun little toys."
  • Sweet treats -- Football shaped chocolate covered strawberries, theme cookies, and cupcakes will score big with fans. They also make a great hostess gift.
  • Savory snack -- "Create a popcorn station with different flavors," Cowie suggests for a fun snack. Popcorn plus popcorn flavors is all you need to do this.
  • Hot stuff -- "Make a big pot of chili and serve with an assortment of toppings: sour cream, grated cheese and jalapenos," Cowie recommends.
  • Best seat in the house -- Cushions are a comfy way to provide extra seating, says Cowie. After game stack them up until you need them again on Oscar night.

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