Let me begin by saying if you are an avid tea and lemonade drinker, then you're gonna love the new cool refreshing beverage, "Cloudberry Sunjoy" this Spring at Chic-fil-a stores nationwide.

The second most popular items besides their world-famous chicken sandwich are their sweet tea and lemonade. What if you could take a combination of the two and concoct a new beverage that blends their family-brewed sweet tea with their Chick-fil-a lemonade?

The new Spring infusion blends rare cloudberry with cherry blossom, lemonade, and sweet tea that will tantalize your taste buds at the first sip. Don't knock it unless you've tried it!

The beverage Cloudberry Sunjoy was inspired by the words sunshine and enjoy. The color of Sunjoy even gives off an amber-orange color when held up to the light.

And if you're wondering if the new beverage can be customized, yes it can. Diet lemonade and unsweetened tea are also available and customers can also purchase Cloudberry Sunjoy by the gallon or in 16-ounce bottles.

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