Most of us here in the great state of Texas dream about owning our own piece of land. While the thought of hundreds or thousands of acres would be amazing, I have to admit I feel beyond lucky with the half acre my wife and I live on currently. Just having a place to call our own is a big deal but it made me wonder who owns the most land in the entire country. 

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One thing I have learned in life is that real estate prices have just consistently increased since I was a kid. While there have been times when this wasn’t the case, it seems like just about always land prices just continue to increase so I would say to anyone interested in buying their own piece of property, just start looking into what it would take. Because it could be the best investment you ever make. 

Owning This Much Land Means Big Family Money 

As we start looking at who owns the most land in the country, to be on this list you have to be beyond rich. We are talking about people or families that own over 1,000,000 acres of land as you will see below. It’s interesting to see who made this list and what they did to create their massive amount of wealth. 

Let’s Look at the Biggest Landowners in the Country 

While we might not be on this list anytime soon it’s fun to look at who owns the most amount of land in the country. Let’s take a look at the list and what they did to generate the money to pay for all the land.  

The Largest Landowners in the Country

These people and families are the largest landowners in the country.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Who Are The Top 10 Largest Landowners in The State Of Texas?

From the rolling hills around Austin, TX to the tumble weed filled towns out west, Texas is sprawling. Surprisingly, Texas land is nearly 95% privately owned, with some of the largest properties for cattle ranching in the country.