Congratulations to Pleasant Grove High School. They have been honored with a prestigious award from the Solution Tree for their achievements and innovative practices in education.

PGHS has been awarded the prestigious Model PLC at Work® status. This award recognizes all the success that the school has had in raising student achievement through the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process.

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The school was able to accomplish this with its schedule redesign in place to make sure all students have the opportunity to learn at high levels.


According to the press release Pleasant Grove High School has seen an increase of success rates with traditionally underserved students. This has helped their graduation rate increase significantly over the state's average.

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Pleasant Grove Principal Kristen Giles said in a press release,

This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire staff. Our commitment to making meaningful changes and focusing on student learning has truly made a difference. I am beyond proud of our team's collective effort to ensure every student at Pleasant Grove High School has the opportunity to achieve at high levels.


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PGHS along with other schools that are awarded the Model PLC at Work® status are featured at

This way these schools can share their winning strategies with other schools and help more students achieve their highest levels possible.

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