Congratulations to TexAmericas Center, as they have once again been recognized as the No. 3 best industrial park in the United States by Business Facilities’ 20th Rankings Report. This marks the fifth consecutive year that TexAmericas Center has ranked in the top 10 and the second year it has held the third position.

Highlights of TexAmericas Center:

  • Extensive Shovel-Ready Property: TexAmericas Center offers over 2,200 acres of shovel-ready property, with four sites certified as shovel-ready through its Qualified Sites Program (QSP), encompassing 656 acres.
  • Strategic Positioning and Infrastructure: The ranking emphasized the industrial park's strategic location, transportation infrastructure, and amenities. TexAmericas Center stands out for its extensive third-party logistics (3PL) services, rail enhancements, and partnerships with higher education institutions like Texas A&M University – Texarkana and Texarkana College.
  • Speed-To-Market Focus: The center’s approach emphasizes Speed-To-Market and Speed-To-Profit for tenants, making it an attractive option for business growth.

Scott Norton, CEO and Executive Director of TexAmericas Center, stated,

“We’re honored to maintain our ranking for two consecutive years. We pride ourselves on innovation and problem-solving that facilitates a speed to market hard to match anywhere else. Coupled with Texas’ business-friendly environment, TexAmericas Center is extremely attractive for business growth.”

Spec Building Completed - TexAmericas Center
Spec Building Completed - TexAmericas Center

Currently, TexAmericas Center hosts approximately 1.4 million square feet occupied by 49 corporate operations, including 11 property owners, 32 renters, and six TAC3PL customers. This represents an 88 percent increase in the number of companies and a 101 percent increase in leased space since 2014.

Norton emphasized,

“We are much more than a typical industrial park. Our support, guidance, and resources make TexAmericas Center invaluable. Our commitment lies in perpetual growth, continuous enhancement, and ongoing innovation, enabling our tenants to achieve accelerated profitability.”

TexAmericas Center’s designation as a U.S. Opportunity Zone, Foreign Trade Zone, State of Texas Enterprise Zone, and eligibility for New Market Tax Credits and EB5 Immigration through Investment further enhance its appeal.

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