Foreman, Arkansas less than an hour away from Texarkana in the southwestern part of the state is home to country music legend Tracy Lawrence. Did you know that Foreman is also home to the 24th Testicle Festival this weekend.?

That's right, Gilley's Place in Foreman kicks off the festival on Saturday, June 15, and folks come from miles around to indulge in a regional delicacy, Rocky Mountain oysters, Cowboy Caviar, better known as bull testicles, according to Fun in Arkansas. This reminds me of that old movie "Funny Farm" starring Chevy Chase where he went into a restaurant and started eating a bunch of lamb fries (testicles) before they told him what it was and he about gagged.
Don't think this happens only in Arkansas these festivals are held year-round in other states across the country.
Many of you may be grossed out at this point like me but C'mon, live a little, these bull testicles have been battered, deep-fried, and served up piping hot on a silver platter, not exactly, try a paper plate. Mike McCombs the event organizer says, "They're not for everyone but those who dared to try them say they are delicious.
McCombs says, "You have to get past the idea of what they are but they taste a lot like chicken but with a unique exotic flavor.
Yeah, I bet they do.
No worries, if testicles are not your thing there will be a variety of other foods, catfish, chicken nuggets, steak, hamburgers, and frog legs, which I'm not too crazy about.
The 24th Annual Testicle Festival is more than just food there will be live music from the band Shinewell at 7 PM. The event begins at 5 PM when over 100 pounds of testicles will be fully prepared for those wishing to indulge. You're guaranteed to have a ball at this festival!
The money raised at this event supports the operations of the Backyard Social Club, a community bar and grill focused on hosting family-friendly events like birthday parties.
For more information, check out their Facebook page. The Backyard Social Club at Gilley's Place is located at 287 Arkansas Highway 41 South in Foreman, Arkansas.

Oh, don't forget to bring your favorite dipping sauce!

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