I like to point out reasons why I don't live in the northern United States, this one has just moved to the top of my list, hyperextreme nipple glaciation, more commonly known up north as "Nipple Chipping". 

Can I get an Oh-Hail-No! Oh sure, you might have fun outside playing in the snow, I get that, but there's another danger that can pop up when the temperature dips below 10 degrees, "nipple chipping." I can't imagine ever living anyplace that would get cold enough to put my nipples in danger of shearing off... Off... OFF!

NewMaineNews.com is reporting an epidemic of this pointed problem is being seen in area hospitals. According to the article;

“When it’s this cold, we try to warn people they’ll chip a nip out there if they aren’t careful,” Maine Medical Center emergency room physician Dr. Sanjay Acharya told us.


“Even bundling up to extreme lengths can’t always protect against chipping,” Dr. Acharaya said.

Now I'm sure the state of Maine is lovely in the Spring, Summer and/or Fall, but if it gets that cold in Winter just put a little check mark next to the "No" box for me.



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