There are typically around 200 to 300 children in foster care in Miller, Bowie, Little River, and Cass counties.

That's a lot of children facing difficult situations, a lot of foster families who might need help supporting them, and a lot of parents working to be able to one day provide a stable, safe environment for their children.

For the Sake of One supports them all, as well as at-risk moms of new babies. Their goal is to provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support for families while connecting and empowering others in the child welfare community. Their vision, as they explain on their website, is "a community where every child has a stable home and every family has the tools to thrive."

They know it takes a community to support struggling families, and they encourage you to take action when you see child abuse. Don't just talk about it — report the abuse, become a foster or adoptive family, pray for the struggling family or children, or donate your time or money. Visit to learn more about how you, your company or your church can help.

Not everyone can foster or adopt, but everyone can do something. Today, we ask you to donate to help our local families and children.