There are approximately 130 children in Bowie County that do not have homes. There are only 10 foster families in Bowie County which means there are not enough homes in this area for the children so they have to be moved out of town and away from everything that they are familiar with.

You can help out by becoming a foster family. There will be an information meeting at the Texarkana Library on Thursday, November 15, 2012. At this meeting you will learn how to become a foster family as well as what it takes to adopt one of these deserving children.Ashley Gipson with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services came by the studios this week to tell us about the meeting and the need for foster families in this area.

Interview with Ashley Gipson of Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services:

So many children in need of a home, temporary or permanent. Please consider becoming a foster family. Attend the meeting on Thursday to find out more. If you need additional information give Ashley a call at 903-533-4109.

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