Well, it's finally happened, the first automated McDonalds has opened its doors in Texas and honestly, I can't wait to give it a try. 

Every small business person knows the issues with employing young people working at minimum wage, hoping you can occasionally find a diamond in the rough that shows initiative and care about their job and the product or service they've been hired to perform. To say "it's hard" is an extreme understatement.

Without getting into debates about minimum wage vs a "living wage," hiring teens or adults, etc, let's talk about what one company is doing to alleviate a bunch of those problems, by having much fewer employees... McDonalds.

Drive Through 4 - Fully Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth
Drive Through 4 - Fully Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth

They admit that these locations are in the testing phase to see how this is going to work, but judging from the cars in the drive-through, it is working indeed.

This is the first location in the Great State of Texas, it's in a community in Ft Worth called White Settlement, and I'm planning on hitting this one on my next visit to Cowtown.


I'm not a McDonalds groupie or anything, but since I have been eating their food literally, my whole life, I'm curious to see how they can put together my Quarter Pounder with Cheese and hold the onions in a semi-automated restaurant. Not a fan of those little onions. Bleh!

Drive Through - Fully Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth
Drive Through - Fully Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth

New Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth, Texas Gallery:

The fact is, this McDonalds is not "fully automated", they have a smaller staff working in the kitchen filling the orders, but the counter-person, all-to-often found with a bad attitude, has been eliminated in this dining concept. This new McDonalds is much smaller and has no seating for indoor dining. This is a take-out-only concept with all staff concentrating on getting the orders right. Will it work? We'll see.

Are you curious? Would you go to an automated fast food place with no human interaction? You may not have a choice. If these first few locations work as well as I imagine they will, then going to high school and getting your first job at your local Micky D's, Burger King, or Taco Bell may just be a thing of the past.

Check out the video below, it's a very good report:

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