Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out in the Texarkana area the Better Business Bureau is warning people about a trend on social media you need to avoid.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people not to share their Covid vaccination card on their social media pages like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. That photo not only exposes your full name and birthdate there’s also information about where you got your shot and if your privacy settings are not set high enough on your social media pages you may be exposing yourself to tons of bad people and scammers who may use your identity. They can even get fake vaccination cards on eBay or other sites.

There are a few ways to prevent this from happening to you make sure your vaccination sticker on your profile is out of the frame of your picture. You need to make sure it doesn’t have all your full information shown.  Secondly, review your security settings on your social media pages and make sure that you’re not exposing everything you have out there for everyone to see.

The Better Business Bureau also talks about a recent social media trend about sharing your vaccine photos. Be aware of those posts that want you to share all the cars you have owned through the years as they are another way for thieves to get the vital information they can use to compromise your identity. Most people use this information to help in developing passwords for their vital banking sites and credit card access.

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