With Christmas just a couple of weeks away I wanted to know do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day?

It's a  Christmas tradition for many of us that we open our Christmas presents on Christmas day, but some of us want to get a head start on the gift-giving and receiving. Especially if you have a big family or maybe you are spread out over many cities, this practice may make it a little easier to celebrate.

Christmas is now my favorite time of the year. And now that I have kids and am part of a  big family,  some of my old Christmas traditions are being modified a bit. When I was a kid growing up the tradition was to open your presents on Christmas day, now with my bigger family including all of the cousins and aunts and uncles, we meet at our granny Sue's house on Christmas Eve and exchange presents from our secret Santa list.

Then on Christmas day, our kids and my brother and sister-in-law's little girl get to open presents from us and Santa of course at our house with our entire family. I have heard of families that open a single present on Christmas Eve as well like Christmas PJ's and such.

When do you open your Christmas presents? On Christmas Eve? Christmas Day? Or on both days, like our family. Let us know in the comments, please.

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