We oftentimes focus on the jobs we aspire to have, rather than on the ones ordinary people actually do every day. That’s one of the reasons Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe quickly became one of the most popular shows on cable. But Mike and his crew can only cover so many occupations each year, so that got us to thinking.

What kind of dirty jobs do we have in Texarkana? If Discovery were to send Mike to our town, which careers would he focus on? Could the hard-working folks in T-Town even hold a candle to some of the grimy, nasty jobs that have already been featured on the show or could we set new records for the dirtiest jobs of all?

Who knows, perhaps if we find the dirtiest jobs in our town we could talk Mr. Rowe into bringing his crew here and working with some of our most fascinating, industrious, everyday heroes in the Ark-La-Tex who just aren’t afraid of getting grubby during the work day.

Therefore, we have a mission for all of you: Tell us about local jobs you’ve either had in the past, currently have, or know that you never want in Texarkana! If you do these jobs, you’d better be filthy by the end of the day or it won’t qualify!

So come on Texarkana, do you (or someone you know) have one of the dirtiest jobs in Texarkana? There just might be a prize for the person who has the nastiest job of all!

Dirty Jobs

Tell us if you (or someone you know) have one of the dirtiest jobs in Texarkana! We will get in touch with you shortly. And there just might be a prize for the person with the dirtiest job of all!

  • If you have one, upload a photo of just how dirty you get by the end of the day!

  • Describe your job and tell us why it should qualify as "Dirtiest Job in Texarkana!"

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